1. All entries of concept group and crowdsourcing group must be original by the contestants. Moreover, entries which are identical or similar to published works are not accepted, as well as the one which has been applied to other awards. If there are any legal liabilities caused by contestants as stealing ideas of other products or business secrets, contestants should be responsible for that and face the consequences themselves. Once it happens, DiD Organizing Committee have rights to unilaterally reject submissions or cancel qualifications at any time during competition.

2. All product group entries must be produced or going to be produced in recent 3 years from companies or institutes in Dongguan City, without any intellectual property troubles. Any product which is awarded by Dongguan Cup will not be awarded again.

3. Design work is required to be shown as effect image on 2 copies of A2-sized (420mm×594mm) JPEG (*.jpg), vertical layout, and 200 dpi resolution. Product name, conceptual design, renderings details, necessary MD design and main sizes should be included. Moreover, design highlights, materials and workmanship of the product could be described as short texts (both Chinese and English for Chinese competitor, only English for international competitor). No limits on types of renderings. Both hand drawing and computer work are acceptable only if it shows the design clearly. It will be better if different directions of product rendering are available. No names, companies and any other information (including texts, images, logos) related to designers are allowed to be shown on the image. Otherwise, the image is invalid.


1. Please, register and log in submission system.

2. Please apply for application number according to categories, fill the document information and download the entry form.

3. Upload the registration form and two design effect images, each single document should beless than 5M in size. The submission is complete after your successful uploading.


NOTICE: Contestant may submit more than one design project with the same account. But the same design work could be only submitted once.If you attend other competitions by using the same work, DiD Organizing Committee have rights to annul your award once you get other awards in other competition which ends before 2017 DiD Award.



The organization
Hosts:Dongguan Municipal people’s Government
Organizers:Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau/Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design/Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute
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