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Dongguan Cup is the first large-scale international industrial design competition which is named after the name of city and organized by the city government. Dongguan Cup international industrial design competition is held annually since 2005, as a large-scale contest which promotes the local innovation and the industrial upgrading, it has been successfully held 13 sessions up to now, and has attracted many outstanding designers and businesses to join in the competition. Also, it has developed into one of the most well-known and influential competitions in domestic industrial design.

The  “Dongguan Cup ” competition has been repeatedly reviewed and demonstrated from the formulation of topics, publicity and promotion, solicitation of works, to the evaluation, display, recognition and industrialization of works, and strives to achieve “high quality, high levels, and high standards”. Since the 13th session, the “Dongguan Cup" has collected more than 38,000 pieces of works from more than 20 countries and regions. It has organized industrial design promotion presentations, industrial design and industrial clusters, industrial design seminars, and design innovation forums. There are nearly 200 series of themed design activities, such as outstanding works of industrial design exhibition and promotion, outstanding designer matchmaking and exchange meeting, design carnival, and design festival, etc. Nearly 1,000 patent applications for participants are provided free of charge, and over 150 well-known domestic and foreign experts are invited. The number of participants is as many as 320,000. With its large scale, high specification, strong lineup of experts, rich activity forms, and emphasis on intellectual property protection, the “Dongguan Cup” has become a well-known brand event in the field of industrial design and has received unanimous praise from all sectors of society.

To further implement the State Council's "Several Opinions on Promoting the Integration and Development of Cultural Creation, Design Services, and Relevant Industries" (No. 10 of the State Document [2014]), and the "Opinions on the Implementation of the "Made in Dongguan Manufacturing 2025" Strategy" of the Dongguan City Government (Dongguan Government) 2015] No. 1) and other documents, to better play the important supporting role of industrial design in the company's independent innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, gathering domestic and foreign high-quality design resources and Dongguan's dominant industries to form a docking, promote the integration of design and manufacturing development, promote Dongguan to Design Industrialization, Industrial Design, Professionalization of Design Talents, Realization of “Made in Dongguan” to “Created in Dongguan” and “Dramatic Manufacturing in Dongguan”, Dongguan decided to hold the 2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Contest (The 14th Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition).

The organization
Hosts:Dongguan Municipal people’s Government
Organizers:Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau  |  Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design  | Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute
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