Competition Name

2018 DID Award Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition


Competition Topic

Manufacturing Beauty Comes From Design


Contents of the Competition

This competition is divided into 4 groups: "Concept Group", "Product Group", "Business Incubation Group", and "Topic Group" for collection and review.

1.Concept Group

(1). Participants:

Institutes, designers, college students and anyone who favors on design. Individual or a team of five people at most can sign up for the contest.

(2). Contents of the competition:

To collect the concept design works that has not yet mass production, the content is divided into 7 categories as below: smart equipment, electronic information, toys, furniture, kitchen and bathroom , clothing, comprehensive(The other six categories of industries, such as medical equipment, electrical appliances, lighting and lighting appliances, hardware, and transportation, etc., the same below).

2.Product Group

(1). Participants:

Enterprises and institutions registered in Dongguan.

(2). Contents of the competition:

The collections and appraisals of the design or production of Dongguan, which have been mass produced or have been developed for mass production, are also divided into the following seven categories: smart equipment, electronic information, toys, furniture, kitchen and bathroom , clothing, comprehensive.

3.Business Incubation Group

(1). Participants:

1. Participate in the "concept group" of this contest;

2. Have the intention to transform the conceptual work in Dongguan or implement innovation and entrepreneurship in the industrial design field in Dongguan.

(2). Contents of the competition:

1. The entry category is the same as the "concept group";

2. Submit a copy of the "Project Landing Conversion Plan" or "Innovation and Venture Business Plan".

4. Thematic Group

The contest theme group will be specifically proposed by the proposition enterprise to participate in the content and design requirements for the competition, and will be announced separately.


Entry Requirements

1.Concept Group

(1). All entries of concept group must be original by the contestants. Moreover, entries which are identical or similar to published works are not accepted, as well as the one which has been applied to other awards. If there are any legal liabilities caused by contestants as stealing ideas of other products or business secrets, contestants should be responsible for that and face the consequences themselves. Once it happens, DiD Organizing Committee have rights to unilaterally reject submissions or cancel qualifications at any time during competition, If the bonus has been paid, the original amount will be recovered

 (2). In the initial stage of entry, the contestants must submit the registration form and the artwork design exhibition board through the submission system. The registration form fills in the registration information and works information through the submission system and is downloaded and uploaded in doc format. The artwork design exhibition board is saved as JPG format electronic document, layout is A2 format (420mm x 594mm), within 2 pieces, resolution is 200dpi, vertical typesetting, layout requires Chinese and English bilingual format; single file size does not exceed 5M; works The layout information should include the name of the work, design instructions, overall renderings, key details, structure diagrams, appearance dimensions, etc., as well as new innovations in the use of new materials; the work unit should not appear in the layout of the competitors, the name or Any icons, graphics and other information related to the identity of the contestants are suggested, otherwise they are deemed as invalid works.

 (3). In the re-assessment stage, contestants are required to submit video or PPT presentation documents, individual contestants and team photos.

 (4). In the final evaluation stage, the contestants must submit the 3D source document of the work and entrust the Organizing Committee Office to make the finalized model of the finalist work, and the video or PPT introduction document required for the final review and reply.


2. Product Group

(1). The product group entry must be an industrial product that has been industrialized or will be industrialized in Dongguan City's enterprises and institutions in the past three years, has no intellectual property disputes, and has not won this competition award before. If the entrant ‘s plagiarism, infringement, etc., is caused by the entrant’s own responsibility and the Organizing Committee reserves the right to unilaterally cancel his/her participation and awards at any stage of the contest, if the prize has been paid, the original amount will be recovered back.

(2). In the initial stage of entry, the product group's entry requirements are the same as the “concept group” requirements. That is, the submission system must submit the entry form and the artwork design exhibition board as required.

(3). In the re-assessment stage, the participating companies must submit entries for video or PPT presentation documents, company logo vector pictures, and company profiles.

(4). In the final evaluation stage, the participating companies must provide their own physical or mock-up models of the finalists' works for the final evaluation and presentation of the exhibition (return from the end of the event), as well as submission of short-listed works or PPT presentation documents.


3. Business Incubation Group

(1). The requirements for participating in this group of works are the same as those for the "Concept Group" (no need to submit duplicate works).

(2). Individuals or teams participating in the competition need to submit an additional copy of "Project Landing Conversion Plan" or "Innovation and Venture Business Plan".

(3). Individuals or teams entering the semi-finals must sign the Letter of Intent for Incubation or the Incubation Agreement with an incubator or a space in Dongguan. Winners must sign the “Letter of Incentive Cooperation” or “Intent for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation” with the support unit authorized by the Organizing Committee, and register and set up a company engaged in industrial design and research and development as the main project in Dongguan.


Entry method


Registration channel one:

Log on to the contest official website (, click on "Enrollment Portal", select the entry account to enter the contest submission system.

Registration channel two:

Log on to the "Zhizao Dongguan Industrial Design Platform" website ( and click on "Enrollment Portal" to jump to the contest submission system page.

2.Apply for a work number according to the entry category, fill in the work information and create an application form and download it.

3.Uploading registration forms and artwork design exhibition boards in the form of attachments (upon registration of participation in the business incubation group requires the addition of uploading business plans). When the uploading is successful, the submission is completed.

Note: Participants can submit multiple different works with the same account number. The same work of an individual or team can participate in the same category of concept group and business incubation group at the same time.


Solicitation Time

June 22nd - September 20th, 2018


Review Process

1. Concept Group and Product Group

(1). Initial evaluation: Organize experts to review the entries and select the finalists’ works and re-evaluation works.

(2). Re-evaluation: The creative designers who are nominated for re-evaluation works will be invited to participate in training and study and optimize the design. Based on the evaluation criteria, the jury will review the design of the participating works and the participants' on-site presentations. The jury will select outstanding prizes and finalists.

(3). Final evaluation: The creative designers who are nominated for the final evaluation work will be invited to participate in the final evaluation and defense meeting. The jury will comprehensively score the design proposals, model physical objects, and the participant ‘s on-site statements and defenses according to the evaluation criteria , and finally judged the contest award.

2. Business Incubation Group

(1). Initial review: The Competition Organizing Committee conducts formal audit and qualification confirmation according to the conditions of the entry project, and selects the finalists for entry into the semi-finals.

(2). Counselling and training: Concentrated entrepreneurial coaching training will be held for those responsible for the project that will advance to the semi-finals, and incubators, investment institutions, and manufacturing companies will be connected to optimize the business plan.

(3). Initial evaluation of road show: After the completion of coaching training, the organizing committee of the competition organizes road show activities, which are reviewed by relevant experts and confirmed to be finalized.

(4). Final road show: The final project will be invited to participate in the final road show. The jury will evaluate the innovation of the entries, the feasibility of the conversion, the market value, and the reasonableness of the investment budget. Finally, select awards of the competition incubator .


The organization
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