The 2017 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Answers to Questions About the Competition

Q: Does the Concept Group accept design works of team participation?

A: The Concept Group of this tournament accepts individual and team participation. If the team is participating in the competition, no more than 5 team members will be required to fill in the information related to the registration form by the creative designer. After winning the prize, the list of team members will be published together and will be shown on the winning certificates, and each of them will be awarded a certificate of award.

Q: When is the competition due date? How to submit the participant work?

A:The deadline of the competition  is September 24, 2017, which adopt the method of network application submission, that is, all participants must be landing competition website ( entering the contest submission system to submit work, competition organizing committee don't accept any other way entries submitted manuscript. It is generally recommended to avoid the rush hour and try to complete the submission a few days before the deadline.

Q: How many works can an account summit in total?

A: Multiple works can be submitted and several categories are available. We encourage participants to submit more works.

Q:How to download the registration form and how to summit the works?

A: The registration form is directly generated by the website, and the participant can save the entry form after completing the relevant information. And then download it. The submission system consists of the registration of the information, the submission of the works (the display chart and the registration form), and the participants can follow the guide of the website.

Q: What is the required size of the work? In what kind of format?

A: Design work is required to be shown as effect image on 2 copies of A2-sized (420mm×594mm) JPEG (*.jpg), vertical layout, and 200 dpi resolution. Product name, conceptual design, renderings details, necessary MD design and main sizes should be included. Moreover, design highlights, materials and workmanship of the product could be described as short texts (both Chinese and English for Chinese competitor, only English for international competitor). No names, companies and any other information (including texts, images, logos) related to designers are allowed to be shown on the image. Otherwise, the image is invalid.

If the competitors do not know the content of the renderings, please log in the format of the previous winning works in the official reference works exhibition.

Q: Does the work need to add the competition edition top to the entries and add work numbers to the work page?

A: The competitors do not need to add the contest edition top to the entries just according to the competition requirements to set up the competition content. At the same time, after the successful work is uploaded, the system will automatically generate the work number to the work page, so the participant will not need to add the work number to the work page.

Q: Why are entries returned?

A: The entries returned generally has the following several situations.

1, The entries do not conform to the requirements of the contest, mainly manifest as rendering typesetting content is not standard, such as there is only a product form rendering alone and no other diagram and any text instructions. Or the file size is too small (less than 1M); Or the image format does not make it impossible to open the image, or the image pattern error displays the black and white color rendering. Or the individual or unit information and ICONS will appear on the layout.

2. The work renderings and application form documents show no existence, which may be that the competitor has not uploaded successfully due to the network speed problem during the uploading process.

3. The entry form forgot to upload, or the entry form has been uploaded and displayed as a random code status (generally not complete due to the network speed problem).

Q: Does intellectual property of the works belong to the author?

A: In order to create an open, fair and impartial competition environment, respecting and protecting the intellectual property rights of the competitors, all the intellectual property rights of the competition works will be owned by the contestants. Competition organizing committee for the contest entries have exhibition docking, the right to print, the right of publicity and promotion and other rights. Any company or individual shall not be copied, and without the consent of the participants, their work may not be for public display or other promotional purposes. At the same time, the participants are obliged to maintain the intellectual property of their works.

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