The Results of the 2017 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition

On October 22nd, the 2017 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) international industrial design competition review and roadshow activities were held in Dongguan Songshan Lake Guangda We valley. Entries from the finalists were invited to attend the on-site defense event in Dongguan. After the review, the review activities selected 19 pieces of the outstanding works of the concept group and product group and 10 pieces of works into finalist . Among them, the finalists will be invited to Dongguan to participate in the final evaluation contest held on November 29th, which will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

1.大赛承办单位东莞市经济和信息化局李泳先生为评委颁发聘书 (2) 拷贝.jpg

Li Yong of the competition organizer Dongguan City Economy and Information Bureau presented an offer for the judges

2.大赛组委会秘书长杨向东教授致辞 拷贝.jpg

Professor Yang Xiangdong, general secretary of the organizing committee, delivered a speech

The competition review and roadshow activities are held together to take the form of live defense presentation. Judges by industrial design domain experts and Dongguan local investment experts, including: deputy director of the institute of design strategy and prototype innovation of Tsnghua University, professor Tang chongxi, the dean and professor of Guangdong Industrial Design Institute of south China, Yang xiangdong, former vice director of China industrial design association, senior industrial designer Wang Xizhi, Guangdong industrial design association secretary-general, senior industrial designer Zhou Hongshi, an assistant professor of the Hong Kong polytechnic university design institute, a Dotor at Hong Kong university of design and commercial Liu Xihui , Dongguan Guangzhou academy of culture creativity dean Huang Shuzhong, Dongguan city Guangda industry investment company general manager of Guangda We valley, Lin Jianqiang , general manager of Dongguan science and technology financial group and Dongguan east investment management co., LTD. Chen Hongjun , CEO of Guangdong temperature investment management co., LTD. Gaojuan, director and deputy general manager of Dongguan Songshan Lake national wealth incubator co., LTD., Luo Junyuan.


3.参赛选手介绍参赛作品 拷贝.jpg

Contestants introduced entries

4.韩国参赛选手介绍参赛作品 拷贝.jpg

South Korean contestants introduced the entries

参赛选手答辩 拷贝.jpg

Contestants reply

During the defense of the Concept group, the contestants introduced their respective entries separately and then received expert comments and questions. The experts’questions focused on the innovation, aesthetic, ergonomic, industrialized feasibility and market prospects of the contestants. Through expert heuristic comments and questions, more innovative ideas for the agglomeration, prompted the contestants to further clarify the creative way of thinking, which is good for their continuous improvement and perfect design, and improving creative design scheme to the feasibility of industrialization and marketization.


评委提问1 (2) 拷贝.jpg

 The judges questions

评委提问2 (2) 拷贝.jpg

 The judges questions

评委商议评审结果 拷贝.jpg

The judges conferred on the result of the review

汤重熹教授代表评审会宣布复评结果 拷贝.jpg

 Professor Tang Chongxi Decoction announced results on behalf of the assessment

评委专家合影 (2) 拷贝.jpg

Group photo of judges experts

封面图 拷贝.jpg

Group photos of the judges expert and the contestants

After a day of intense and rigorous review, the experts graded and reviewed the reassessment, finalized the review result and completed the review work.

      In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition final result, all of those who have objections to the results, can put forward their thoughts from within ten days from the date of publishment, by E-mail or written form to the competition organizing committee office, including questions about content and provide detailed evidence materials. Welcome social attention and supervision.

Contact: Li Yuling, Zhou Yufang, Tel: 0769-228902280-0, Email:


DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Organizing Committee

October 23rd, 2017


(What shows before are only international works, Other works from PRC, China would be demonstrated in our Chinese website.)



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