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2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Contest Question and Answer

Q: Shall I pay any application fee? 

A: No, not any application fees will be charged for this competition and contest related activities . 

Q: Shall we need to register in advance?

A: No need for early bird registration. Entrants shall summit works online in regular registration time.  It is generally advisable to avoid the peak period of submission and try to complete the submission one week before the deadline.

Q: When was the competition deadline for submission? How do you submit your work?

A: The collection of this competition will begin on June 22, 2018 and will be closed on September 20. The contest will adopt the online registration submission method, that is, all contestants must visit the official website of the contest ( or the Diamond-made Dongguan Industrial Design Platform website ( to enter the contest submission system and submit their works. The submissions will not be accepted in any other way

Q: When will the contest submission system open?

A: The submission system for this competition is still under construction and is expected to be officially opened to the public on July 3.

Q: May one entrant submit more than one works?

A: Yes, one entrant can submit several works to one catagory or different catagories at the same time. We also encourage entrants to summit more works as they can.

Q: May we enter the Competition as a team this year?

A: Both teamwork and personal work are permitted in Concept Group and Business Incubation Group. If the team participates in the competition, it requires no more than five team members and fills in the relevant information on the registration form with the creative designer as the representative. After winning the work, the team member list will be announced together and reflected in the award certificate, and each person has a certificate of award.

Q: Is it necessary to participate in the concept group at the same time to participate in the business incubation group?

A: Individuals or teams participating in the competition may voluntarily choose whether or not to participate in the business incubation group, without making mandatory requirements. Individuals or teams participating in the competition have the intention to transform the conceptual work in Dongguan, or to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of industrial design in Dongguan, are welcome to participate in the business incubation group.

Q: Do you have to participate in the concept group before you can participate in the business incubation group?

A: Yes, participating individuals or teams must participate in the concept group before they can participate in the business incubation group. That is, after the individual or team participating in the submission of the concept group works, it is necessary to add a copy of the Project Landing Transformation Plan or Innovation and Venture Business Plan”.

Q: Is there a template reference for the Project Landing Transformation Plan or Innovation and Start-up Business Plan that the Business Incubation Group requires?

A: Individuals or teams participating in the Business Incubation Group will be able to download the plan template reference at the contest submission system. If you have any questions about participating in the Business Incubation Group, you can consult the relevant person in charge of the Business Incubation Group at 0769-22880388-07, Wang Ying (, Li Yudong (

Q: Can the same entry participate in the concept group and the business incubation group at the same time, and can also receive the awards of the concept group and the business incubation team at the same time?

A: Yes, the same work of an individual or team can participate in the same category of concept group and business incubation group at the same time, or can receive both the concept group award and the business incubation group award

Q: Is the individual or group participating in the Business Incubation Group's award must be registered in Dongguan to set up a company that specializes in industrial design and research and development?

A: Yes, those who have won the Bronze Award and above from the Business Incubation Group must sign the Letter of Incentive Conversion Cooperation or Intent for Innovation and Business Incubation as required by the Competition Organizing Committee, and register and establish an industrial design in Dongguan. , R & D companies for the main project. Otherwise, it will be deemed as a voluntary waiver of the bonus prize for this category. The award will be voided.

Q: Can companies outside of Dongguan participate in the Product Groups?

A: The current contest product group only accepts registration for Dongguan enterprises and institutions. Therefore, companies outside Dongguan City cannot participate in the product group category, but can participate in the concept group category in the name of the individual designer or team. If the company outside the city has accidentally applied for a product group category, it will need to delete the applied product group product number and re-register for the concept group competition in the name of the designer.

Q: How to download the registration form? Is the registration form information incorrectly modified directly in the registration form?

A: The registration form is generated directly from the website. Participants can save the registration form after completing the relevant information such as the individual and the work. If the information on the registration form is found to be incorrect, such as changes in team members, etc., you cannot modify the information directly on the registration form. You must modify it in the submission system, and then download the registration form again. Finally, you will submit the registration form.

Q: What size is the artwork? In what format?

A: The artwork design exhibition board is saved as an JPG electronic document submission. The layout is A2 format (420mm x 594mm), within 2 pages, with a resolution of 200dpi, vertical typesetting. Layout requires Chinese and English bilingual format (because of international jury, Please describe in English and Chinese simultaneously so that the judges can better understand the work.) The size of a single file should not exceed 5M. The layout of the work should include the name of the work, design instructions, overall renderings, key details, structure diagrams, dimensions, etc. , as well as new innovations in the use of new materials and technologies; no part of the contestants name, any icon, graphic, or other information related to the identity of the contestant may appear on the page of the work, otherwise it may be deemed as an invalid work.

Q: Is there a need to increase the size of the game head and artwork number in the layout?

A: The entrants do not need to additionally add the contest version to the top of the entries, and compose the content of the competition according to the requirements of the contest. In addition, after the successful work is uploaded, the system automatically generates the work number to the work page, so the participant does not need to add the work number on the work page itself.

Q: How can we know if the submission is successful? Can we modify it after submitting?

A: A complete entry includes 1-2 works design exhibition boards and 1 entry form. After the participants upload as required, the system will have the words Upload Success and Completion of Contribution and the system will be backstage. Successfully shows a thumbnail of the artwork design. Click to open it. If the thumbnail display of the artwork in the background is not successful, or if the click does not open, the network problem may cause the upload to be unsuccessful. Participants must check for themselves. After completing the submission, at this time, the work review will show the state of to be reviewed. In the state of awaiting review, it means that the staff has not yet reviewed the work, that is, the participant can still modify the entry. The staff will generally review the submitted entries within 3 working days. If the work meets the requirements, the staff will be approved. At this time, the work will be reviewed and there will be a status of examined and under review. Explain that the contestant cannot modify the entries. If you have to modify it, you need to contact the Organizing Committee staff. If the work does not meet the requirements, the review will show a "return" status. The staff will notify the participants by mail to modify and resubmit the request.

Q: Why is the entry returned?

A: There are generally several situations in which the entries are returned:

1. The entries do not meet the requirements of the competition. The main manifestation is that the layout of the artwork design exhibition board is not standardized. For example, only one product may be used to create renderings alone and no other exploded view of the product or any description of the text; or the size of the document is too small (less than 1M); or the picture format is not correct, resulting in the inability to open the picture, or the picture mode error display black and white color renderings; or the effect of the picture on the contestants personal or unit information and icons.

2. The artwork design panel and registration form documents do not exist. This may be because the contestants did not upload successfully because of the speed problem during the uploading process.

3. The registration form is forgotten to upload, or the registration form is uploaded to open to display garbled status (usually due to network speed issues are not uploaded complete).

4Participants in the product group are only enterprises in Dongguan. If companies outside Dongguan choose a product group category, they will be returned, requesting to re-register the account to participate in the concept group in their own name.

Q: Is the IP rights of the entry works owned by the author?

A: In order to create an open, fair and impartial competitive environment and respect and protect the intellectual property rights of the participants, the intellectual property of the contest entries shall be owned by the participants. The main committee of the competition has the right to exhibit, print, publicize, and promote the match for the entries of this contest. No unit or individual may plagiarize it, and its works or other propaganda may not be displayed without the consent of the contestants. At the same time, participants are also obliged to safeguard the intellectual property rights of their works.

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