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2018 DiD Award Dongguan Cup Competition Registration System Officially Launched

 From July 3, the 2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition registration system is officially open to the public. Participants can log on to the official website of the competition ( and click on the “Enrollment Portal” to select the team. Don't sign up for the account to enter the contest submission system, and follow the submission steps to register for the competition.

Concept Group/Business Incubation Group online submission process consists of the following steps: 

Step 1Fill in registration information. Input your personal information.

Step 2 Fill in your CV and upload your photo. 
Step 3Apply for reference number. You may apply reference number according to the competition category. Each entry will be allocated one reference number. If needed, you may apply for more than one reference number.  
Step 4Fill in application form with corresponding reference number, generate and download application form.
Step 5Upload the submission entry and the application form. The renderings is order to A2 (420mm*594mm) of vertical, with jpg format, and the size of each piece is mustn’t more than 5M. The format of the application form is order to DOC.

Step 6Whether to participate in the business incubation group. If you select “Yes”, you need to upload a copy of this concept group project “Project Landing Conversion Plan” or “Project Business Plan”. The “Plan” upload was submitted successfully, indicating that the submission of the Business Incubation Group was completed. You can download the "Plan" template reference, fill it out as required by the template, and upload it in doc or docx file format. If you select "No", it means not participating in the business incubator group.

The collection of works for this year's competition will be finalized on September 20, 2018. All sectors of the society are welcome to pay attention to and participate in the competition. If you have any questions during the competition, please contact the Competition Organizing Committee:0769-22890228-0,

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