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2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Submission Notice


Dear contestant:

The 2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition will be closed at 24:00 on September 20, 2018. I hope that all participants will pay attention to their time for submission. The next two weeks will be the peak period for the contest submission. In order to let the participants know more clearly how to participate and contribute smoothly, the notices related to the submission of this competition are as follows:


        1. You must enter the submission system and submit your submission according to steps.

The contest will adopt the online registration and submission method, and the competition organizing committee will ncot acept any submissions submitted by other means. Participants must log on to the official website of the competition ( and click on the Enrollment Portal to enter the submission system. Register according to the selected competition group and follow the steps of the submission system to complete the submission.

2. The uploading of the entries and the manuscripts must be carefully checked to avoid the manuscript being returned and modified.

A complete entry includes 1-2 pieces of the exhibition board and 1 registration form (1 copy of the project proposal is required to participate in the business incubation group). Among them, the exhibition board map requires the layout of A2 format (420mm × 594mm), resolution of 200dpi, JPG format electronic file submission. The content of the layout should include the product name, renderings, detail drawings, necessary structural drawings, basic appearance dimensional drawings, etc., as well as short descriptions of the product design points, innovation priorities, production techniques, materials, etc. (due to international judges, recommendations) The text is synchronized in Chinese and English, otherwise it may affect the degree of understanding of the work). The author's organization, name (including English or Pinyin abbreviation) or any icon, graphic and other information related to the author's identity must not appear on the layout, otherwise it will be considered invalid. The registration form is generated directly by the webpage. After completing the relevant information, the contestant can save the registration form and download it. If the information is found to be incorrect after downloading the registration form, for example, if the team member changes, you cannot directly modify the information on the registration form, but you need to modify it in the submission system, then re-download the registration form, and finally submit the registration form.

There are several cases in which entries are returned:

(1). The entries do not meet the requirements of the competition. The main performance is that the layout of the exhibition panels is not standardized. For example, there is only one product alone, and there is no other product exploded view and any text description; or the file size is too small (less than 1M) ); or the picture mode error displays the black and white color effect picture; or the participant's personal or unit information and icons appear on the effect chart.

(2). The picture of the exhibition board and the registration form file are not displayed. This may be because the entrant did not upload successfully due to the network speed during the uploading process.

(3). The registration form is forgotten to upload, or the registration form is uploaded and displayed as garbled status (generally due to the speed problem not uploaded completely).

(4). The project plan is forgotten to upload. When participants participate in the concept group, if they choose to participate in the business incubation group, they need to supplement the upload project proposal. You can download the project plan template in the Submission Instructions in the investment system, fill in the correct and detailed requirements and upload in time.


        3. There is no need to add additional work number and contest title.

This competition does not require participants to add the work number and the title of the competition to the layout of the work. The work number will be automatically generated by the submission system into the entry layout, and the participants can make the exhibition board according to the requirements of the entry.

        4. It is not allowed to submit the same work multiple times or to submit to other categories for repeated submission.

Each entry only corresponds to one work number and can only be submitted once. Therefore, the same entry is submitted multiple times in the category application number, or at the same time in other entry category application numbers, these circumstances are not allowed. Including some entries have been returned for revision, and some contestants may apply for another entry number to upload, which will cause confusion to the contest staff. Therefore, for this situation, please do not apply for another number, and directly re-upload the work with the original number.


        5. Pay attention to the mailbox information. If the work is returned, be sure to re-upload the modified work before September 20.

After the contestant successfully submits the entry, the contest staff will normally review the work within 3 working days. After review, if the entry is ok, the system will display the status of reviewed; if there is any problem with the entry, the staff will send an email to the entrant to modify it in time, and the system will display the return status, please pay attention to the participants. Their respective mailbox information. After the contestant modifies and resubmits, the staff member can be notified by email or by phone. In order to facilitate the contestants to check the results of the manuscript review, participants can add the attention to the official WeChat public number of the contest did award, directly through the mobile phone to inquire.

6. Try to avoid the peak period of submission.

It is recommended that the contestants do not squeezing in the articles a few days before the deadline for submission, in order to avoid the problem of the work to be returned and modify the missed submission time, or to prevent too many people from logging into the submission system at the same time, causing the system to be paralyzed and affecting the normal submission.

It is hereby notified.

DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Organizing Committee

September 6, 2018

2018-9-13 15:46:14
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