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2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Review Results Announcment


On October 21st, the 2018 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Review and Roadshow was held in Dongguan Songshan Lake University Innovation City. The contestants who were selected for the review were invited to participate in the on-site defense. After the judging, the concept group was selected as the finalist evaluation of 10 works and 19 outstanding awards; the business incubation group was selected as the finalist 9 works; the product group was selected as the final evaluation works 10 and the outstanding award works 20. Among them, the contestants of the concept group and the product group who are shortlisted for the final evaluation will be invited to participate in the final evaluation meeting held at the end of November to compete for the gold, silver and bronze prizes; the finalists of the business incubation team will enter the next incubation process. According to the incubation situation, financial support is provided.

The concept group of the review activity (including the business incubator group) was carried out with the product components. The concept group (including the business incubator group) is mainly composed of experts in the field of industrial design and local investment experts in Dongguan, including: Professor Yang Xiangdong, former dean of Guangdong South China Industrial Design Institute, Professor Yang Xianyi from Guangzhou University of Fine Arts and Design, Shenzhen CIGA Design Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Jianmin, Chairman of the Board, Professor Liu Xihui, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Wang Huabin, School of Design, South China University of Technology, Vice President of Guangda Industrial Group and General Manager of Guangda We Valley Mr. Lin Jianqiang, Deputy General Manager and Investment Director of Guangdong National Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. Chen Hongjun, Mr. Lin Xiaoyan, Director of Country Garden Bichuang Space Investment, Mr. Li Liming, Founder and President of Dongguan Angel Society, Mr. Huang Shuzhong, Dean of Dongguan Academy of Culture and Creative Research. The product group judges include: former vice president of China Industrial Design Association, senior industrial designer Mr. Wang Xizhi, secretary general of Guangdong Industrial Design Association, senior industrial designer Mr. Zhou Hongshi, professor Zhang Jian of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and industrial design of Guangdong South China Mr. Chen Xiaonan, deputy dean of the hospital and senior industrial designer.


Award the jury appointment letter

The judges watch the entries and grade them for the first time

At the jury, the contestants introduced their respective entries and then accepted expert comments and questions in groups. Experts focused on the innovation, aesthetics, ergonomics, industrialization feasibility and market prospects of the contestants' works. After expert inspirational comments and questions, more innovative and creative inspirations gathered at the scene, prompting the contestants to further clarify the creative ideas, which will help them to continuously improve the design plan, and improve the feasibility of the creative design plan to industrialization and marketization. .


The concept team introduces the entries


The representative of the product team introduces the entries


Expert panel questions and comments

The contestants defend themselves

After a day of intense and rigorous review, the experts finally determined the results of the review by scoring and repeated evaluations, and successfully completed the review of the competition. Finally, Professor Yang Xiangdong, Dean Huang Shuzhong and Secretary Zhou Hongshi announced the results of the review results of the concept group, the business incubator group and the product group.


Professor Yang xiangdong announced the result of the review of the concept group


President huang shuzhong announced the result of the re-evaluation of business incubation group


Secretary general zhou hongshi announced the result of product group review


Expert judges take a photo with the contestants

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the final results of the contest, any objection to the results of this announcement may be submitted to the Organizing Committee Office by e-mail or in writing within 10 days from the date of publication, requesting to explain the content of the question and provide detailed information and supporting materials. Welcome attention and supervision from all walks of life.

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DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Organizing Committee

October 22nd, 2018

Remarks:Only the list of international works is published on the English website,Other works from China would be demonstrated in our Chinese website.



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