1. Industrial Design into Industrial Clusters

To promote the link between industrial design and furniture, toys, clothing, machinery and equipment, electronic appliances and other enterprises in our city's leading industrial clusters, and organize and coordinate the cooperation between high-value-added and high-tech industrial design technology owners and business demanders. Conducting comprehensive contacts and interactions to accelerate the transformation of industrial design results and provide bridges for the city's manufacturing and production service industries.

2. Industrial Design Seminar

For companies, design institutes and academic designers, we invite domestic well-known experts, enterprise experts and senior designers from the industrial design field to conduct theoretical courses, design exercises, creative reviews and other forms of targeted courses to fit professional industrial design professionals. The development needs of the students are guided by the design of the products; they go deep into the enterprise and promote the interaction between the various aspects of creativity, design, R&D, and industrialization.

3.Design Ceremony

The design grand ceremony is planned to promote ”international Design, Dongguan” through activities such as holding excellent works exhibitions, designing summit forums, and contest awards. The development concept of "manufacturing" and the overall image of Dongguan design industry promote the international trade of creative design services.

The organization
Hosts:Dongguan Municipal people’s Government
Organizers:Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau  |  Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design  | Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute
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